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Summary :

Do you want to use a headset for a concert at work? Many people see headphones as a way to concentrate and not be distracted when doing their work. There is a debate on this subject because there are people who wonder if they should use headphones or not when working. Below you can learn more about this topic with the information you are looking for, and that will let you know if you can concentrate on the headphones.

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Many workers claim that disconnecting from the noise helps them focus better. Simultaneously, others comment that headphones are more distracting and do not help concentrate if you are doing a job that requires greater concentration.

Listening to music while working is something that many people do, studies show that music can help increase creativity, but this depends on the individual.

For many experts, it is best to do work that needs attention without headphones or music nearby. Studies show that music can also be distracting, and you won’t be able to do your job.

If you’re reading emails, browsing, and trying to fix some bad issues at work, headphones will come in handy.

Concentration is a skill, and some people cannot control it. Many people can have different mental disorders and that the brain acts on its own, and there are times when you do not want to concentrate.

Researchers have tried using headphones to help the brain focus. The best answer is that each person is different and what works for many for others does not because the brain works differently. Some people can solve math problems with music, and others say they need a quiet space to concentrate.

Some headphones help block out external noise, which can also help you better focus when doing your work.


People who work with headphones on will tell you that there are numerous benefits to wearing them. Among the advantages they comment on are:

• Headphones help you focus

When the phones ring, people are chatting or hanging around; it is difficult to concentrate. By having headphones and listening to music, workers can forget about all that and can concentrate.

• Music helps eliminate stress

For most people, the pressure of work and day-to-day stresses them, and a little soft music can help. It puts them in a good mood to do their work for the day in better spirits.

• Music makes common day-to-day tasks bearable

Music makes the most common tasks like cleaning, filing, sending emails that are routine can finish faster. For workers who have to do mundane tasks, it will help you finish them and spend a day with a smile.

• Headphones give the feeling of being busy

For many employees, if they see a colleague with headphones, it means that they are very busy, and it is a signal not to disturb them. This way, colleagues will save non-urgent questions and quick conversations for later.

Just as there are employees who see benefits for wearing headphones, there are others who see disadvantages. Some people consider that they should be prohibited in the offices, and these are the reasons:

• People with headphones will isolate themselves from other people in the room

It is not a good idea for many employees for some workers to put on headphones and ignore the rest of their colleagues. They claim that it is difficult to communicate with these people, and group dynamics are lost.

• Wearing headphones at work could be dangerous

If employees use their headphones at a very high volume, they may not hear a fire alarm. Nor will they be able to listen to superior staff instructions when it comes to a more serious problem. If someone in the office has a seizure or starts to suffocate, people with headphones won’t notice.podcast-audience-concept-illustration_114360-21721

• Metallic music in headphones annoys other colleagues in the office

Being around a person who likes this type of music can be very annoying and more if you listen to it at full volume through your headphones. The sound coming out of the headphones can be very annoying to other employees nearby.

• Listening to music is bad for productivity

Although many people claim that they work better with music, some studies indicate that multitasking can reduce productivity.

Everyone has used headphones for some reason. It is very good for many people to listen to music while doing their daily work. Other people comment that the type of headphones is very powerful, and it is a way of saying, leave me alone and do not bother me.

There is a study of more than 800 people on the use of headphones in the office. More than a quarter commented that when their colleagues use headphones, they want to be alone. Others said that those people who wear headphones want to be more focused and love music.

69% of those surveyed said that people who use headphones are because they want to be in their world. At the same time, 48% say that people who use it in the gym concentrate when they exercise.

The type of headphones they wear can make them look busier or more pretentious. AirPods are considered more pretentious than traditional in-ear headphones.


Here are some etiquette tips to know if you want to wear headphones at work:

• Know when to tune in

Music is an alternative that will help you get away from stress and relax. If you are away from work, this is an excellent option. If you are at work, it is not a good idea to have a project in your office.

• Control the volume

If you are in the office, it is recommended that you use a soft volume level so as not to disturb your colleagues at the desk. So you can hear if an employee wants to communicate with you. You can relax to your favorite songs with an adequate volume while listening to whether people need help.

• Do not use headphones away from your desk

If you are walking to the bathroom or copier room, it is best to go without headphones. Keeping the headphones on all the time will isolate you from other colleagues.

• Always choose personal conversation

Don’t make your headphones the priority; if someone needs your help or stands at your desk for a quick question, you should remove the headphones. Take off both earbuds to show that conversation is the priority and that people feel like you are paying attention.


Everything will depend on the noise you have in your neighborhood or where you live. It will also depend on how long you want to wear your headphones. The best noise isolating headphones are generally industrial ear muffs. Noise isolating capabilities must be tested by law. At least, in the United States, you will find the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and even find an attenuation table listing nine different frequencies. Along with this, you will find the attenuation or isolation achieved in each frequency band.

The passive noise isolation of earmuffs is greater than those of traditional or common headphones. Noise-canceling headphones are a great option if you want to avoid outside noise. You should know that noise-canceling headphones are a more expensive option.

These headphones are not a good choice for high-frequency noises like squeals, voices, etc. They are more comfortable than earmuffs. Another thing to keep in mind is that the NRR is calculated using the US ANSI standard.

Music can help you focus and block out external noise, and it can also stimulate the brain. Here are the types of music that can help you focus while working or studying:giphyagertg0

• Classical music

This genre has a lot of history, and you can find classics from famous composers like Beethoven and Mozart.

• Epic music

Epic music can be found in adventure, action, and fantasy movies. It can make you feel an otherworldly feeling and a sense of greatness. This type of music is powerful and can be an effect that will lift your spirits.

• Video game music

Video game music will make you excited; they are designed to make people feel happy while playing. If you want to stay motivated and focus, you can use this type of music. You will feel fun and positive while doing your homework if you use music from video games.

• Blues and jazz music

Jazz and blues are types of music that can help spark creativity. You can increase your concentration and creativity and feel relaxed.

• Pop music

There are many types of pop music today, from Korean to Western. Each type of pop music has very different musical styles. It is a very popular type of modern music that many people enjoy. You can find pop songs about happiness, romance, worldly perspectives, and happiness.

If there are other ways to improve your concentration at work, you can follow the following tips:

• Drink coffee

• Find the right music

• Clean your desk

• You can use work habits favorable to your brain; you can move around and go out for a moment to distract yourself.

• You can use supplements for concentration such as brain octane oil, nicotine, vanilla, etc.

1. Find a suitable place to study

Location is very important if you want to improve your concentration while studying.

2. Flat surface

Find a flat and clear surface so that you can be comfortable and can have your study materials.

3. Nearby electrical outlets

If you need to use your computer, make sure there is an outlet nearby, so you don’t have to get up.

4. Comfortable seats

Find a comfortable seat so you can spend your quiet time.

5. Block web pages and apps that can distract you

These websites can be distracting and will keep you from concentrating on studying.

6. You must create a study ritual

With a study routine, you will be able to find greater concentration and fluency. With a suitable place and a clean and calm environment, you will be able to study without a problem. Take all the supplies you need and create a to-do list. Make sure you have adequate space before you start studying.


This will depend on each person; some people are very tired, and even if they have headphones, they will not be able to concentrate. If people only have bad news around you, you won’t find the peace of mind you need to use headphones.

If people hate their job and what they are doing, they will not have good concentration.


Your boss has every right to ask an employee to stop wearing headphones during working hours. If you do not respect other workers and listen to your music too loud, you can annoy your colleagues.

However modern they are, you can isolate them from your work if you don’t have the right concentration. You have to be aware that another employee needs a favor or asks something urgent in the office.

Having to beckon him all the time can be annoying for many and can lead to problems in his work environment. You need to be very mindful if you want to wear headphones at work and constantly communicate with your office team.

As you can see, there are valid and negative arguments on this issue of wearing headphones at work. Everything will depend on the taste of each person and what they need to concentrate on. If you want to listen to music at work to concentrate, you must respect other workers by listening to their music at a low volume.

There are times when the use of headphones can be detrimental to your business because you need to be aware of what is going on around you.